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DRDC proposal P10

P10. Detector Tests in a High Magnetic Field and Muon Spectrometer Triggering Studies on a Small Prototype for an LHC Experiment CERN/DRDC/P10). Bologna/CERN/Cosenza/LNF/Perugia/World Lab.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: G. Susinno. Contactman: G. Laurenti

Abstract: The "Large Area Devices" group of the LAA project is working on R&D for muon detection at a future super-collider. New detectors are under development and the design of a muon spectrometer for an LHC experiment is under study. Our present choice is for a compact, high field, air-core toroidal muon spectrometer. Good momentum resolution is achievable in this compact solution, with at least one plane of detection elements inside the high field region. A new detector, the Blade Chamber, making use of blades instead of wires, has been developed for the forward and backward regions of the spectrometer, where polar coordinate readings are desirable.The assembling of a CERN high energy beam line, equipped with high resolution drift chambers and a strong field magnet could give us the opportunity to test our chambers in a high magnetic field and to study the muon trigger capabilities of a spectrometer, like the one proposed, on a small prototype.


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MS,22 Jan 98