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DRDC proposal P1

P1. Scintillating Fibre Calorimetry at the LHC CERN/DRDC/P1). The SPACAL Collaboration: Amsterdam/Cagliari/CERN/Ecole Polytechnique/ Lisbon/Naples/Paris VI/Pavia/Rio de Janeiro/San Diego/Weizmann Inst.

Status: Finished

Spokesman: J-M. Gaillard. Contactman: L. Poggioli

Abstract: The aim of this proposal is to develop an integrated e.m.-hadronic calorimeter having an optimal combination of parameters essential for LHC detectors, such as speed, compensation, energy resolution, granularity and hermeticity. This work will be based on the lead-scintillating fibre technique already developed and extensively tested by the SPACAL Collaboration. The proposal covers the construction and tests of a large-scale projective prototype, as well as parallel investigations in the related fields of high dynamic range photodetectors, front-end electronics, triggering, data acquisition, radiation damage and overall system design of a calorimetric detector.


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MS,22 Jan 98