LHC Resources Review Boards (LHC-RRB)

The Resources Review Board (RRB) comprises the representatives of each Experiment's Funding Agencies and the managements of CERN and of each Experiment's Collaboration. It is chaired by the CERN Director for Research and Computing.

The role of the RRB includes :
• reaching agreement on the Memorandum of Understanding
• monitoring the Common Projects and the use of the Common Funds
• monitoring the general financial and manpower support
• reaching agreement on a maintenance and operation procedure and monitoring its functioning
• endorsing the annual construction and maintenance and operation budgets of the detector.

The management of the Collaboration reports regularly to the RRB on technical, managerial, financial and administrative matters, and on the composition of the Collaboration.

Chairperson: CERN Director for Research and Computing
Scientific secretary: W. Funk (EP)
Secretariat: P. Mage-Granados (EP)

All information about meetings, including Agenda and documents can be found in the InDiCo pages.

Archive: list of Documents of past meetings (until 2005). Please use the CERN Document Server (CDS) Collection as from 2006.