ISOLDE and Neutron Time-of-Flight Experiments Committee

The INTC -established in August 1999- takes over the duties of evaluating proposals for experiments on the ISOLDE facility that was formerly in the hands of the ISC. In addition it reviews the experiments proposed for the n_TOF facility. The INTC works on a basis of three meetings per year.

The committee's conclusions and recommendations are transmitted to the Research Board by the Chairman which takes final decisions in particular on approval of experiments.

Chairperson: K. Riisager, Aarhus University, Denmark
Scientific Secretary and Coordinator: K. Johnston EP-SME-IS

List of documents ISOLDE and nTOF 1991-2004, proposals 2005 onwards.

Electronic submission of INTC documents. Document templates for 2015 meetings:  nTOF: MSWord, LaTeX, ISOLDE low-energy: MSWord, LaTeX, HIE-ISOLDE high-energy: MSWord, LaTeX).

Experiments at CERN - Grey Book.