Scientific Committees Secretariat

The Secretariat is in charge of organizing the meetings of all CERN Scientific Committees and their subordinate bodies.

It provides assistance to the Chairpersons, Scientific Secretaries and to the members of all Scientific Committees.

It co-ordinates the preparation and distribution of all documents related to the meetings, including Agenda, Minutes, Proposals, Letters of Intent, TDRs and Status Reports.

Copies of all documents related to the committees can be found at 3/R-014, or requested via e-mail.

    Patricia MAGE-GRANADOS
    Telephone +41 22 767 8135, E-mail

    Claudia DUPRAZ
    Telephone +41 22 767 4270, E-mail

    Hélène HALLER
    Telephone +41 22 767 3632, E-mail

    Javier PICON LORCA
    Telephone +41 22 767 8465, E-mail